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Watched: A Detective Lindsey Scott Thrillstery by Tom Tancin

Watched: A Detective Lindsey Scott Thrillstery by Tom Tancin

Publisher: Destifire Books (November 18, 2008)
Paperback: 312 pages
Age Group: Older Young Adults

"Detective Lindsey Scott takes six months vacation from her stressful and grueling job. But she never expected to face her scariest case while on vacation. The 'solver of the unsolvable' is face to face with the task of raising her teenagers, something she avoided up to this point.

When a cohesive group of killers start to target webcammers, she'll have to cut her vacation short, really short. Lindsey is on the case trying to track multiple killers with unique personalities yet one common link. Tracking down killers, especially when you don't know how many there are, is not an easy task.

Pressure adds as bodies continue to turn up across the country on a daily basis. And when Lindsey finally gets the upper hand, one of the killers target her fifteen year old son."

Watched was just as amazing and bone chilling as the first book in the Detective Lindsey Scott Thrillstery series. It kept me wanting to read and read to figure out who the killers were and what was going to happen next. It kept me up late at night with chills from reading it. I got paranoid many times while reading this late at night. But I couldn't get enough of it.

Mr. Tancin captures you in the first few pages and keeps you wanting more until the last page of the book. His characters are so real that you really tell he knowns them inside out. A true thrillstery!

Watched didn't disappoint me after reading the first thrillstery in the series, The Man in the Moon. Though I found a few errors throughout the book, but nothing too drastic.

I can't wait for the next thrillstery in the series. This has left me wandering what Lindsey's next big case will be and how Tyler, her son, will be like now, since he's changed a lot since The Man in the Moon.


If you would like to purchase Watched, here is a place to do it!

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emiliestorie said...

oooo i likey your review :D
i almost want to read it now even though i'm not really into mystery books ^_^

Mandy said...

Thank you, Em. :) I'm glad you liked it. You should read the series, they are very good.


carmelle said...

ooo sounds creepy but good.
i think im gonna get it :]
great review mandy

Mandy said...

Thanks, Carmelle. :)
You really should.
Tom Tancin is an amazing writer.
You should read 'The Man in the Moon' first, though it doesn't matter, I don't think, which one you read first.

Happy reading. :)


Bookworm said...

Nice review, Mandy! And yes, I'd love to do a link exchange! Your blog is great. (:

cecilia said...

Don't you hate it when you can't sleep at night or get mildly paranoid because of a book? That's when you know it's a pretty good thriller :)

Levi said...

Well Mandy, I Will say your review is short, sweet and to the point. And Ooo that was a interesting little video. It kept you awake! Now if i could only get you to sleep some....nice job.

Proud of You in Colorado.

Reverie said...

OOOH I really want to read this. Sounds awesome!

Paradox said...

This sounds pretty good! And the cover is really creepy.

Paradox said...

This sounds pretty good! And the cover is really creepy.

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