Friday, January 30, 2009

Newsletter and In My Mailbox Vlog?

Alright, there are a few things I want to ask and I want you all to tell me what you think. Also, if anyone has any other suggestions of what they'd like to see on my blog or anything, please tell me by leaving a comment or emailing. You can find many different ways of contacting me under the "Contact" tab.

  1. I'm thinking of having a newsletter for my blog at the end of each month. Where I send an email to all my followers and anyone who would like to receive it. It's just showing all the things that I posted: reviews, "In My Mailbox" posts, author interviews and guest blogs, etc.
  2. I'm thinking of having a "In My Mailbox" Vlog instead of the usual posts. Why? Because sometimes I get a lot of books and sometimes I'm just too lazy to post all of them. I do it anyways, just because I'm dedicated to my blog, but still. I warn you though, I'm a bit shy. So I'm hoping that'll get rid of part of it, at least. Hopefully. Also, my awesome friend Chelsea said I should. She did one last night and it is awesome. You can find it here! (And by the way, Chelsea, you are really sooooo much prettier. No fighting back you silly girl. :P)

So, what does everyone think?
Yay or Nay?


Chelsea said...

I vote yay. But, *fights*

Mandy said...


Haha! No! You can't! You are absolutely so much prettier. No arguing!! :P

sharonanne said...

Yay! I love vlog! Be warned if you have really good books I might pick on you a little.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yes to both! I'd do more vlogs (I'm shy too, but it IS easier and more fun) but stupid youtube will never let me upload them. BLAHH.


Mandy said...

Sharon: Haha, of course. Alright, I am warned. :P

Lauren: Alrighty. And yes, BLAAH to shyness and YouTube being evil! We should boycott...

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