Monday, February 2, 2009

In My Mailbox: Week Three

Okay, I am very, very mad at YouTube! I made this video Saturday night, hoping to upload it at midnight before I went to bed, because I had to get up at six o’clock Sunday morning to freaking drive across town to take a three-hour test for school. Which really sucked! BUT I passed, whoo!

But anywho, on to book related things. Here is my first Vlog for “In My Mailbox”. I hope everyone likes. Ignore my idiocy. I was extremely shy. Forgive me. If you want me to continue these, tell me. I’ll try my best and hopefully overcome a portion of my shyness. (I despise being so freaking shy!)

I’ll be working on the January Newsletter for Nocturnal Reviews tonight, hopefully. So if anyone would like to receive it, comment or email me and I’ll add you to the list for Nocturnal Reviews monthly newsletter.

Hope you like the video! I hate my voice recorded on webcam, or any type of recording. Sounds extremely weird.

Sorry that it's late!


Alea said...

You definitely should keep doing them in vlog format! I say like, like a lot too! :P

Mandy said...

Haha, alright. I'll try my best, Alea!

I usually don't say it that much. But I was really nervous while making the video. I look like a total dork! xD

Alea said...

Hehe. I actually say it in real life, I can't stop! I get really nervous too, which is why i'm afraid of vlogs and postcasts and just general public speaking!

And you totally don't look like a dork!

Mandy said...

Lol! It's very amusing to watch this. I keep watching it and I point and laugh at myself. It took me like...ten times to finally just get through the video.

Alea said...

High five for doing it! I haven't even posted a picture of myself on my blog (that I recall). People probably think i'm literally a cartoon! :P

Mandy said...

Rofl! *high fives* Yeah, I haven't either. Just the video is up.
I look teh horrible.
By the way, do you have any type of messenger? xD

Alea said...

You don't look horrible! I used to use AIM but haven't in about two years. I'm on GChat, though a lot of the time I'm at work during the week (like right now....whoops!). It seems i'm more of an emailer these days! aleareads@gmail dot com !

Erotic Horizon said...

Just listen to this, definately keep it up.

Good fun


sharonanne said...

Awh that was nice. You did a great job.

Lenore said...

Vlogs are fun. Yours was the related video from Chelsea's in my mailbox so that's how I got here!

Happy Hugs said...

I liked it and you didn't look like a dork. The only issue that i had was that everything was backwards. I didn't understand why. It was especially noticeable when you put the covers to the camera.

Other than that, it was wonderful!


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