Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm horrible

I'm sorry that I keep writing that I am going to start keeping up with everything on my blog. I want to do that, I keep telling myself that I'm going to do it, right then. But then things get in the way and stop me. I have a lot of other things I need to keep up with, like my job and my school work.

Nocturnal Reviews
means just as much to me as those do. It's my responsibility. But I haven't had the time to put up the reviews on the books I've read, nor had as much time to read. I know that if I managed my time more and get things done at that certain time. I'd have more time and be less stressed.

I just don't know how to do it. I keep telling myself I'll do it and then something messes it up. I wake up late, or something random happens and completely pulls me away from what I was going to do.

Anybody have any tips, or advice? It would be much appreciated.

But anyway, here I am, again, telling you all I'm going to try and keep up with it. I am going to try really hard to. Right after I publish this post I'm going to get my pile of books I need to put up a review for and start writing up reviews. I am so behind.

Also, you may have noticed I've been changing the layout a lot. I'm just trying to find one that is organized and reflects the blog and myself. It's extremely hard to find three-column layouts.

If anyone would like to see something special that is book-related/author-related on my blog, tell me. I want to make my blog the best it can be to help authors, publishers and readers. So if anyone have any tips, just tell me.

And if you're a new book reviewer, you should go to The Story Siren's blog. She has some great tips on her blog, even if you aren't new to the book reviewing world. She's been at this for a while and she has amazing content on her blog. Also, she's amazingly awesome! :)


Emily Ruth said...

don't sweat it! Life can be tough some times, and quite frankly, it's more important than a blog. We all understand if you take a little while off to get caught up :)

I would suggest doing a little every night right before you go to bed. Just get into a pattern (if you're tired, just write half a review/read a chapter or two). You can get caught up on saturday or sundays if you need to.
Fluff posts make you feel good too. Like meme's and annoucements of upcoming books and such? They don't take much time, interest me, and let you feel like you're doing something.

That's all I can think of!
Love the new layout!

Mandy said...

Thanks so much Emily Ruth! :)
Yes, life can be really tough. I'm all over the place lately. It sucks. Thanks for the advice. I've been trying to get into the different memes, but I keep forgetting to do them. It sucks. Lol.
Glad you like the new layout. I sent you an email about the other one. Hope that's alright. :)

Hope you are doing great!

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